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A river port history

Situated between Mildura and Swan Hill, Euston and Robinvale are nestled on opposite banks of the most user-friendly stretches of the Murray River.

The township of Euston grew on the site of the Boomiarcool Station, established by seventeen-year-old Edmund Morey in 1846 at what was then the western limit of European settlement.  This station grew to one million acres by 1946, by which time it known as Euston, after a mansion in Suffolk, England.
From the 1850’s the land was devoted to wool production and the town developed as a river port with a wharf, ferry, courthouse, police station, hotel, a boiling-down works, wool-scouring plan & eucalyptus factory.

Euston was proclaimed a town in 1885 but virtually ceased to exist when the river trade declined.  The building of a railway and road traffic bridge across the Murray River – joining Robinvale in Victoria and Euston in New South Wales – saved Euston from certain extinction.
Euston provides a slice of paradise

Today one of the main industries in Euston is tourism and this small Murray River town caters very well for visitors looking for a slice of riverside paradise.

The Murray river is the hub of recreation with water skiing, kayaking and house-boating activities. Of course the fishing is also great and there is easy access to the river by a sealed boat ramp.  Euston also boasts a 4 STAR resort in the Euston Club.  The club caters for all your needs from tempting meals to tennis and bowls.

If camping by the river is more your style, then Euston has the spot for you.  As an RV friendly town you are encouraged to pull up and enjoy the riverside views.

And the Royal Hotel immortalised in a song by Leanne Murphy with The Publican’s Dream, shouldn’t be overlooked for the warm hospitality and great food that can only be found in a country pub.



Lake Benanee

Location:  13 Kilometeres East of Euston on the road to Balranald or 60 Kilometeres from Balranald on the road to Euston  

With a white sandy foreshore, earth boat ramp and public toilets, Lake Benanee is one of Australia’s most popular free camping spots.  The Lake is part of the Euston Lakes wetland and floodplain system, which also includes Dry Lake (Yellowbelly) and Lake Caringay.
In the early years, stockmen would drove cattle down from Queensland to the Victorian Gold Rush. If the Murray River was high when they arrived, they would stay at Lake Benanee until the river receded to allow the cattle to cross. As an endorheic lake, (one which has no significant outflow, but is reduced by evaporation) it provided water for stock while they waited. The Chinese built stock fences around the lake to contain the cattle and some of these fences can still be found around the lake today.

Euston Walking and Bike Trail

Location:  Access to bikes, prams and wheelchairs is available by parking under the bridge on the Euston side of the Murray River

This leisurely and peaceful 2.5km path links Robinvale and Euston on each side of the Murray River and provides an alternative view of Euston Weir and Lock 15.
Access for bikes, prams and wheelchairs is available by parking your vehicle under the bridge on the Euston side of the River and starting your walk from there. Alternately start from Robinvale by crossing over the bridge and take in the spectacle of the Murray from up high before walking.

The sealed surface of the track makes the path easy for walkers, cyclists and joggers and is shaded for most of the distance. Billabongs along the way provide a natural wetland environment for frogs, which croak loudly even throughout the day including the endangered Southern Bell Frog.

A pergola has been constructed approximately half way along the path to offer a perfect vantage point for an upclose, wide view of the river with flocks of pelicans and black swans in evidence. You may even see the occasional kangaroo.

Euston Courthouse

Location:  41 Murray Terrace, Euston
Opening Times: Contact the Euston Visitor Information Centre (Situated in the Euston Club Reception area)
Phone:  03 5026 4244

In many rural townships the court house was often the most significant and utilised building in town. As populations grew, the courthouse gave towns an anchor point and sense of arrival as a town of significance.
Euston Court House was built in 1883 and now serves as the home of the Euston Historical Society. The Society was established in 1981 and aims to preserve the written and photographic history of Euston and Robinvale. The Society meets on the third Tuesday of every month and visitors are most welcome.

Euston Regional Park

Location:  Northern bank of the Murray River, Euston
Phone:  National Park Office, Buronga:  03 5021 8900

Nestled along the northern bank of the Murray River, Euston Regional Park is the ideal spot to set up camp under a majestic river red gum.  Whether you are an angler, an avid birdwatcher or simply plan to relax by the river with a good book, Euston Regional Park has much to offer. The towering trees of the river red gum forests provide welcome shade to visitors and a myriad of plant and animal life, help stabilise river banks, and provide the perfect backdrop to sit by the river. Euston Regional Park was created in July 2010. It covers an area of 3274ha.

Euston Lock & Weir 15

Location:  Weir Road off Pethard Road, Robinvale/Euston

The Euston Lock & Weir 15 is a fascinating insight into an aspect of the Murray River.
BBQ facilities, shelter, lawned area and an amenities block ensure that you can take your time to admire the view from the height of the hill and learn about this important construction from the staff that may be on site. (For those that might not know it, a lock is for boats to be able to navigate up and down stream, and a weir is a holding area for water.)

Construction of the Weir commenced in 1932 and was completed in 1936. The weir pool itself stretches back 60 kilometres to Meilman East. In 1987 the original timber barricades were replaced with steel and gates were added, and the operation changed from a manual to hydraulic one.
32,000 mega litres of water flows through this system daily. (A mega litre is one million litres of water.)

Originally the lock and weir was constructed for navigation of river cargo, but nowadays its main importance is for irrigation and recreation.
Wander down the hill to the river itself and find the post that marks the famous 1956 flood level. It is astounding to imagine that such a volume of water flowed at that spot 50 years ago.



  • The Euston/Robinvale area boasts one of the widest stretches of the Murray River for many kilometres, which means you can enjoy all sorts of water front activities – fish, water ski, swim and camp, bike ride, bird watch and bush walk.

  • Enjoy white sandy beaches and the cool waters of Lake Benanee. Set up camp and enjoy the natural beauty of an inland Lake.

  • Ride or walk the 2.5km Walking and Bike Trail that connects the twin towns of Euston in NSW and Robinvale in Victoria.

  • Learn about Euston’s history on the third Tuesday of each month when the Robinvale-Euston Historical Society meet.

  • Try your hand at lawn bowls or tennis at the Euston Club.

  • If you are after nine holes duck over the Murray for a hit of golf in Robinvale.

  • Experience the natural beauty of Euston Regional Park.

For more information visit the Euston/Robinvale website:

EustonVisitor Information

Euston Visitor Information Centre (situated at the Euston Club Reception Area)

Phone:     03 5026 4244

Address: 2-28 Nixon Street, Euston