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TheVisitor Information Centre - Balranald

 Balranald Visitor Information Centre 

 Address: 83 Market Street, Balranald

 Phone: 1800 444 043 or 03 50201599


 10.00am - 4.00pm daily.  
 Closed Good Friday , Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day

The Balranald Visitor Information Centre is located at the Award Winning Balranald Discovery Centre tourist precinct.

The Visitor Information Centre provides visitors a team of friendly and welcoming staff who have a wealth of knowledge on all the attractions and services available within the Balranald region.

The Centre also provides a range of local and regional maps, brochures and assortment of unique souvenirs, and locally made products. 

Staff at the  Visitor Information can make bookings for tours from Balranald to Mungo National Park & Yanga National Park.

Audio Handpieces for Tours of Yanga Homestead can now be obtained Saturday,Sunday and Monday at the Visitor Information Centre.



An Award Winning Team to help and serve you!

The friendly team at the Visitor Information Centre are the team behind the success and awards received by the Balranald Discovery Centre. This team are extremely knowledgeable of the local and regional area and are trained to provide the highest level of service.  They will be able to help you with your travel itinerary and with any other travel information or service you may need.

Ability to book tours to Mungo or Yanga National Parks

We offer a range of magical tours to both Mungo & Yanga National Parks supplied by our local tour operator OUTBACK GEO ADVENTURES
CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TOURS AVAILABLE and our staff can help you to select a tour that best suits your itinerary and your budget.

Access to the latest range of Information on Local & Regional Attractions, Accommodation & Activities!

The Information Centre provides a selection of brochures and flyers and what is available around Balranald and surrounding towns and regions. 
Ask one of our helpful staff what you need and they will be more than happy to supply you with the appropriate brochure or flyer and can help you with any arrangements you may require.

A range of Local, Regional & State Maps

We have a wide range of Hema Maps as well as A3 sized town maps and regional maps.  We also have a variety of other travel maps to help you
travelling distances and/or the best route to take for your next destination.

Cosy Corner with free WIFI & access to charge your phone/tablet

Our popular "Cozy Corner" is the ideal spot to chill out with FREE WIFI while you charge your smart phone and/or tablet!  There are power points at hand and lots of brochures, newspapers and flyers on the coffee table for you to read.  While your equipment is charging, pop into the Discovery Cafe a few steps away and grab a coffee and yummy cake!

Wonderful selection of locally made/produced Gifts & Souvenirs

We are very committed to supporting the local "cottage" industry by selling a range of locally made produce and products including pistachios, oils, dressings, olives & Murray River salt.  We also have a collection of indigenous artwork.

Quirky Frog gifts in honour of the endangered Southern Bell Frog

When you visit Balranald and the Balranald Discovery Centre you will see the FUNKY FROG SCULPTURES dotted around town, and the Welcoming Frog in front of the Visitor Information Centre and the frog merchandise and gifts for sale at the Centre. 
So what is the connection?.....It’s because of the endangered SOUTHERN BELL FROG also known as the Growling Grass Frog which lives in semi- permanent wetlands in south eastern Australia and is known to live in the wetlands of the BALRANALD SHIRE. It’s a large handsome frog and is  bright green in colour with splotches of gold, bronze and black along its back...Unfortunately it has disappeared from over 50% of its former range  over the past 20 years. Scientists are unsure why it began to disappear, but disease, habitat loss, farm chemicals and exotic species may be likely  causes. 
Next time you visit BALRANALD stop by the Visitor Information Centre at the Discovery Centre and the friendly staff will tell you all about the Southern Bell Frog and about the FUNKY FROG TRAIL you can walk to see all the funky frog sculptures around the town!....and if you're lucky you may see and hear a few around the DISCOVERY CENTRE!.....and don't forget to purchase a funky frog gift! 

Just a few steps away to the magical Interpretive Pavilion  

​The Interpretive Pavilion is a magical place where all your senses are treated to a multi-media & interactive historical  interpretation of the Shire’s istory including the Shire’s wood, wool & wheat background, the first settlers, the Chinese  contribution and the history of prominent wool stations Yanga Station, Lake Paika Station & Clare Station.

The pavilion also provides wonderful visual displays and information on the environmental aspects of the Shire, including the wetlands, the 
birdlife, the animal life, the Southern Bell frog & the river Redgum. It also provides fascinating history of Balranald’s connection with the 5 Rivers and the river life including early river exploration & the river trade.

The pavilion also highlights the two major National Parks within the Balranald Shire, Mungo National Park & Yanga National Park. The Interpretive
Pavilion also encapsulates the connection Balranald has with the Aboriginal community with a series of audio stories told by renowned local aboriginal identities including the late Besley Murray and his son Ron Murray.

Access to Heritage Buildings that are just a stone's throw away

From the Visitor Information Centre you can grab a key to visit the Museum and Old Gaol.....and step back in time.


Balranald Visitor Information Centre

Balranald Visitor Information Centre

Phone:     1800 444 043 or 03 50201599

Address:  Balranald Discovery Centre
​                83 Market Street, Balranald


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